Construction Site Portable Toilets in Chicago land

If you are in need of easily transportable and comfortable restrooms for your next construction project, then you have come to the right place. Life Savers Portable Toilets offers affordable portable toilet rentals that are designed with accessibility and safety in mind. We offer a variety of units and prices to help suit your construction project needs.
Standard Unit for Construction workers

Standard Unit

When you are in need of industrial strength toilets at your residential or commercial worksite Life Savers Portable Toilets's standard unit is on the job! Our standard unit offers a variety of features from top to bottom.


  • Maximum Ventilation
  • Roomy Interior
  • Anti-Slip Floor Surface
  • Occupancy Latch
  • Two Tissue Rolls
  • Sanitary Seat Deck & Floor Design
  • Translucent Roof For Bright Lighting
  • Shelving & Coat Hook

Sink Unit



  • Foot Operated Hand Wash Sink
  • Maximum Ventilation
  • Roomy Interior
  • Anti-Slip Floor Surface
  • Occupancy Latch
  • Two Tissue Rolls
  • Sanitary Seat Deck & Floor Design
  • Translucent Roof for Bright Lighting
  • Shelving & Coat Hook
There is nothing more important than to remember to wash your hands after you use any restroom facility. If it is important for your construction workers to have clean hands before using certain materials, then this unit may be for you!
Detachable sink unit for work sites

Lift Unit

Life Savers Portable Toilets has the perfect portable toilet for any construction site, even high rise construction site for tall sky scrapers. At only 84 centimeters this easily maneuverable can move around narrow halls, sharp corners, and through door frames to be lifted into cranes or elevators. Our lift unit restroom is the perfect way to keep your workers safe and protected no matter where they are working.


  • Optional Roof
  • Heavy Duty Casters
  • Crane or Elevator Accessible Models Available
Affordable Sling Unit Toilets

Sling Unit

Our most affordable unit for high rise construction sites is our sling unit. When you are working on a budget constraint then this unit may be perfect for you. Call us at 773-731-8660 to find out about our pricing options.


  • Easy Install Plastic Skid Units
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Easily Transportable by Crane

Two Person Wash Station

For large construction sits that may need a little bit more help cleaning up and washing their hands after a long days work, Life Savers Portable Toilets offers the two person hand washing station. With it's innovative and sleek design this two-station portable sink stands apart from the rest of the portable sinks in its class.


  • Two Soap Dispensers
  • Two Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Capacity: 22-Gallon of Fresh Water/24-Gallon of Grey Water
  • Nearly 350 Uses Per Refill
  • Hands-Free Foot Pump
  • Weighs 70 Lbs Empty/250 Lbs Full
2 person wash station

Four Person Wash Station

For the largest of construction sites, Life Savers Portable Toilets offers the most compact Four-Person Sink model in the market. It is small enough to fit into compact spaces, but large enough to handle large capacity of workers needing to wash their hands all at once.


  • Four Soap Dispensers
  • Four Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Capacity: 20-Gallon Fresh Water/ 20-Gallon Grey Water
  • Hands-Free Foot Pump
Four person wash station

Handicapped Unit

Handicapped unit for construction sites
  • Roll-In, Ground Level Floor Access
  • Barrier-Free Door Sill
  • Spacious Interior For Wheelchair Maneuverability
  • Handrail Supports
  • Occupancy Latch
The handicapped unit is designed to accommodate handicap visitors and has wheel chair accessibility. Our handicapped unit has stainless steel handrails throughout the interior, and self-closing door to provide special needs workers with a safe restroom on your construction site.



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